Henry A. Smith to Family

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Culpeper C HJuly 28th 1862Dear Mother Sisters and Brothers

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I received your letter dated July 20 to day it seems a little better to hear from home a little oftener The Regiment was gone six days without seeing much they went to Luray over hills and mountains burned a bridge and returned one night they stoped where the rebels were only four miles from them with a force reported by a negro to be 20000 though our regiment were not alone There were six regts besides ours and all Cavalry there are eight regiments of Cavalry around here now the 1st Maine, 1st Vt, 5th Ky, 1st Nj, 8th Penn, 1st Maryland, 1st Virginia, & 1st Michigan the rebels ocupy New Market and gap

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Capt Rundlett started for Washington yesterday the boys all think he will resign his commiss ion and go home at least they hope so for they all hate him though he seldom speaks cross to me one day when we were drawing rations to go on a scout he told some of the boys that they would never would have to draw any more rati ons that is the way he encourages his men Lieutenant Grover and Cushman are diferent men the whole Company like them and try to please them the regiment have lost one good Officer that is Colonel Kellogg he has resigned and gone home There is half a dozen double barrel shot guns in the Company that they have took from citizens and I might send one to the boys if I had any way to do it it would please them

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to have a gun from Dixie Night before last our Pickets were fired into one killed and another taken prisoner such times all the Cavalry have to saddle up and wait for orders but we have not had to go out yet I can hear heavy cannonadeing in the direction of Woodville I presume it is nothing more than practicing our celebration the fourth was in trying a 20 pound Parrot gun with Shell I think you are paying a pretty good price for help though I dont know any thing about the price of help in Vermont this year when I worked for Harvey Havens last year he would not give me but five Shillings a day yet I done just as much work as he did I am sorry to hear that poor little Bill is so unwell dont let him work any more than you can posibly

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help I hope to hear that he better my health is first rate I dont know how long we are going to stay here nor where we are going when we leave the horses are not in very good condi tion now the Saddles and heat makes their backs sore I went this morning and got some Peaches they were early ones but were not very ripe I dont think Father need to worry about poor Hen I think he will come out all right I dont think the war can last much longer General McClellan has been strongly reinforced and Pope has got an Arm[y] that aint very small which he will be able to mar ch down on Richmond when the weather becomes a little cooler if it is needed them old gunboats are going to have something to do about it

good bye for now from H A Smith