Henry A. Smith to Family

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AlexandriaSept 2nd 1862Dear Mother Sisters and Brothers

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I dont know as I can think of much to write now as I have just writen you a letter and have not a great deal of news to write any how though I will do as well as I can I have not seen the regiment since we left Manassas The train of teams and a few sick ones and some that have used up horses were ordered to come here In the evening when I was to Centreville the Vermont Brigade passed along they had been in the fight I did not try to find any of my old Frie nds as it was to dark The Captain and Gene have not gone home yet Gene said he saw Co E 2nd VT saw all the boys and they were

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all well I dont know whether Carter was in the battle or not though probably he was I saw his Company the same day we went into Manassas so he was not in the first days fight I had a good chat with him and he let me see your Picture it looked quite natural Gen McClellan has the command of the Army in the field now though we heard Halleck was there in the last days fight I went down to to the river yesterday and saw a lot of boats of all sizes and a lot of great Steamers then look up the river toward Washington it is ful of boats going up and coming down all the time you ought to see the Fortifications between here and Centreville Forts and great guns mouthes open looking down upon you it seems as if it

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would be inposable to take them there were the old rebel barracks around Centreville old Camp groun ds fences torn down and burned up Carcases of dead animals once in a while the grave of a poor Soldier it is a picture of war it is a very peasant pretty place aroun d here on the river just north of the City I dont know how long we shall stay here we expect the regim ent will come here and be payed of and get some new horses in place of some old ones that are not fit for survice I should like to go home first rate though it seems as though I should not be contented War I have seen to much of already but I want to see the rebelion put to an end and besids I can help the Family along better than as if I were at home one year has most gone now why it

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seams as though it had been only a few months and I hope the next two years will pass of sooner Carter told me that writing had been forbiden in Pickets Division that is the reason you have not heard from him It is the rules and regulations of war that no mail be sent untill ten days after a battle you dont take me as I mean about running into debt I mean get what Clothes you want and pay for them out of my money I calculate you will use some of it I dont know as you can read my writing for I have nothing to write with but a lead pencil and a poor one at that I wish you would send me one dollar and I can get some ink and other things I need I must close now hoping you are all as well as I am

Henry A Smith