Henry A. Smith to Clarissa A. Smith

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Lewinsville Va Feb 25 1863 Dear Mother

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I received your letter of Feb 15th on the 20th Inst was glad to hear from you I got a letter from Father the 18th said his ankle was most well I have not much to write this time We have had some pretty bad weather for about a week past there is about 8 inches of snow on the ground now the weather is cold and it is hard for the pickets though each Post has a good Shanty. The scouting party that went out to Leesburg and Ashbys gap took a rebel Major one Lieut 26 privates and a Quartermaster with 1500 dollars all captured without spending a shot you can send me a pair of stockings by Mail roll them up tight and I guess they would come safe enough I hope you have got a pair of Oxen that will I received the paper that you sent me with the letter. I am well.

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suit you what color are they I dont remember much about them how do the boys like them. I think it would be a pour plan to sell the Farm now besides you would be sick of your trade homesick and every thing else I wrote a letter to Frank about the 17th that we had been paid off up to the 1st of Jan my clothing bill ran over 5 dollars I have not got the money that I lent nor dont expect to. I did not have any money in my wallet when I lost it. There is no specie in circulation around here nor wont be as long as the war lasts The war will come to an end sometime but I have no idea when I have plen ty of paper envelopes and stamps at prese nt The victuals that you sent me are most gone the pudding was very nice the jelly that you put on the top of it must of mixed with it for I did not find it. Frank about me sending my love to Helen I guess you said it for her

Good bye, Write soon, H. A. Smith