William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Camp Grover Offutts X Roads MdTuesday eve Nov 25th 1862 My Darling Wife

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Patience no doubt is a virtue of rare price, but I am afraid I am loosing some of mine. I got my papers all fixed up here yesterday, and this morning “with heart so light and free” started for Washington to get my leave of absence granted, when lo and behold my fond anticipations of a glorious good Thanksgiving dinner at home with the loved ones were brought to a very sudden end by “Genl. Heintzelman commanding defences of Washington”. I put on a very doleful face, and with my papers signed by the Col. telling of “serious illness” in my family I went up to the old Genl. but it was no use. He said if my wife was lying dead at home, he could not grant me a leave of absence just now. I expect by that, that we may make up our minds to march in

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a very few days somewhere, the Lord only knows, I do not. I think George will start for home in the morning, and he will tell you all the news of camp, what Capt. Dillingham has not alraady told. we may change commanders yet before Thanksgiving, and if we do I shall “try again” and if it does not work next time, then you will have to come here that is all. thank fortune they cannot bind you if they can me. But as I. said in my last letter I believe “every cloud has its silver lining” so it is with me tonight, for when I got back here again I found a nice good loving letter from you and sister Delia, I am glad you “like her better than you ever did before”. I always knew you would if you only got acquainted with her, you did not know her - underneath her rough exterior she has a warm and loving heart, poor Deal. I am really sorry for her. She is weighed down with trouble. I suppose it is no use for me to

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answer her kind good letter for before it would get there she would be gone. I should like very much to see her. It is a little singular and I cannot help but notice it now, that you are coming to like more and more all those that I like, Delia, Katie Parker, and strange as it may seem, “our own dear sister Katie”, and it has all come over you since I have been gone this time - is it not strange? Oh darling! what a nice good long visit we could have if I was there talking it all over, could we not? Well I hope we may have it before long All goes on finely here yet, but no news to write. If we moove, I will let you know all about it at once in my next. I hope to send you the “shadow” of the Lieut Col. of the l0th Vt Vols., for I had my “ugly picture” taken in the city and am to have the photographs sent me by mail, and they will be likely to get around by the next mail from the city. I look at you and Mollie often. Good night my darling one.

As ever your loving husband William