William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Camp Grover Offutts X Roads Md. Dec 2nd 1862 My Darling wife

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I got my photographs this evening and as the Mail leaves in the morning, thought I would just let you hear a word from me, and see how I look. I got a letter from Capt. Dill. to night and he tells me you are looking poor. I am afraid you are woring to much my blessed one - are you not? I do hope we shall change commanders soon so I can try again for a leave of absence I must see you soon some way. I shall get some more pictures soon, and will send you more. You can give these to whom you like or perhaps I will write on some of them and you can deliver with my respects. I got a nice good long letter from “Sister Katie Parker” this evening, so I take it (most) all back, about scolding her. I will send her one when I answer her letter. Write me how many more you want to give away and I will get them for they have got the “negative” and I can get all you want.

As ever William