William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Head Quarters 10th Vt Camp at Whites FordFeb 19th 1863My Darling wife

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I have been waiting all this week so far for my leave of absence to get back from Washington, but it has not come yet. I expected it yesterday certain. I expect it to day, certain but still it may not come. but if it does come to day I can get home Saturday night, but if it does not come until after to day then I shall not start until Monday, this is supposing that it comes back approved, which is not by any means certain, so you see I am resting just at this particular time in a glorious state of uncertainty- I recd three good long letters from you, last night but am not going to answer them this time, because if I go home I can answer them much better, so will close to await future events.

All well as usual
As ever yours William