William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Head Quarters 10th Vt Camp at White Ford Md.March 8th 1863My Darling Mary Jane

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This is a cold dismal rainy Sabbath without, but here in my little Tent all looks cheerful and good to me for darling it is so good and so pleasant to read such a good letter as was yours written only the day after I bade you “good by” which I recd last night, but have just read over again. Still it does seem as though some things in it ought to provoke me, but yet as you say and believe and I hope is true, "All is for the best", but to think that the very next after I left, up came sister Katie who I wanted to see so bad, and on the next train Dr. Janes, it was to bad any ways seems to me, that I could not wait over until Monday. Sure enough how good it would have been to have set up in the choir that Sabbath with Dr. Janes and Katie. If I had thought as much of it before as I have since I think I should have “broke orders” and staid. What a grand good visit you must have had with sister Katie. I believe Mr. Parker was a "little to blame" for not

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having her come up Thursday night, then she could have watched with us and what a grand visit we would have had, would we not? Well it is usless to complain over what is passed and cannot be recalled, I believe I never enjoyed myself better for five days than were those I spent with you, darling it has almost made a coward of me, for I can hardly think of any thing else since I returned. I am so constituted that I must have some one to love all the time, (that is some one of the opposite sex) and it does not satisfy alltogether to love them at a distance. I must be with them and have them where I can wind my long arms around them, and feel their head resting on my breast, that seems to do some good, and after being deprived of female society as long as I had been, and then to have such a time, and then to come back to the old way again so sudden, is almost more than I can bear, still I must, but nothing but a sense of duty I owe my country could make me do it, all the pay I get, and all the honor does not pay to be separated from my blessed wife, my little "pets", and all my good friends. I am glad to know that you consider little Ferdie better. I think he will get over it all right, and then

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he will be so much better down home, for all will be so quite and good there, you will be so much better satisfied, and Mollie will have such a grant time, running after the "little lambs" and "goosies", that I believe you will all get along nicely, besides Father and Mother will feel better to know you are all right every day, and will have you where they can see to you. Oh! what a good Father and Mother they are, and how thankful we ought to be, for them- when I think of her (Mother) I want to put my arms around her and hug her as I would you darling. And I know that would not make you jelous. And Charlie and Ella are so good too. I never liked Ella half so well before. I think she has improved very much, and I want she should learn to sing every chance she has, and you too, for who am I going to have sing with me when these days of war are over and I am allowed to quietly to settle down again, and enjoy the sweet blessings of a home - think of all these things darling, but what a singer we will make of Mollie. Oh! she shall be a musician if she lives and I live, if I have to work on a farm by the month to pay for it, we will have a Piano some day, as good as some other people have.

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Matters and things remain as usual here- the boys are all feeling first rate yet, and all goes on nicely. Capt Dillingham came up here day before yesterday and made me a visit and stoped all night. He is well, there is no doubt about it, I never saw him looking so well in my life. All the other boys are wel.- The Surgeon has not decided yet what to do with Jerome, he has got a bad knee. We expect to hear by next Sunday that Col Jewett is a Brigadier Genl. but like enough it will not be; cant tell but think he will be. The Pres, has sent his name to the Senate which is a good sign, and the Senate are going to work all this week confirming nominations. We do not expect to move to Poolsville now, until about the first of April, after the weather is settled so we can drill. it is awful muddy here now. We are expecting a mail again tonight and I expect to find a good long letter from you, telling me all about what was done last Sabbath in Waterbury, and that you are a "happy Christian". I wish I was one, and I believe my faith will come some time, so I can see it all as clear as you do now. I entended to make Mr. Parker a present, but spent all my money buying cows, we expect to be paid off soon for four months, and I must make it then. If you live down home this summer you can have a grate time making Butter and Cheese from your cows! - how much do you think you can make? - My health is first rate. I am expecting a letter every mail from Sister Katie, she owes me one.

As ever William