William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Head Quarters 10th Vt Camp at Whites Ford, Md Sunday Evening Apr 12th 1863 My blessed darling wife

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You will have to forgive me for neglecting to write you the usual little short letter in the middle of the week but I was very buisy and first I knew the mail had sliped off, and there was no chance of sending. Ed has been here, but has gone to Washington with "Tig" Seabury, expect him back tomorrow. Now my darling I have got some news to tell you that is not very agreeable to you I well know. Last night we received orders to prepare "seven days rations" and reduce our baggage to one little Valise, ready to take the march for the "field" tomorrow morning, (Monday). Which way we are to go or how, as yet we are totaly in the dark, but are expecting orders every moment, I will leave this letter open until the last moment tomorrow so I can tell you the news if we get the order. This is quite a suprise to us for we had been led to belive that we were to remain here all summer, and we was going to have such a grand time at Brigade hd. qts.

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this season drilling and very little picket duty. All this bright dream is knocked in the head, and in its place "grim visiaged war". Well we came out to fight for our country and Flag, and are ready, still I must convess it is pleasanter living up here in Maryland than taking the Front, but the last is the most honorable. I am making arrangements to take along writing materials and am going to try and write you every day what is going on, that is if we are on the march, and send you as often as I may find a chance. in that way you will have a history of the campaign, that is the part of it that I see. wont that be interesting? Now darling you must put your "grate hope" to the test and see if you find consolation in the "Christian faith" to bear you up under all the trials and afflictions you are destined to endure while travelling through this vale of tears. As I told you so often do not "borrow trouble". I believe all will come out right. Last night I recd your good long letter, also one from "sister Katie" and her "Shadow"- the letter was a grand one, the best she ever wrote me, and I believe I will send it to you. I will send all the

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letters I have recd, also the "present" by Ed. Now we have got to pull our coats off, and roll up our sleeves and go into the work in ernest I expect. I had a grand time over the new Sugar Lieut Carter brought. I invited all the officers in, and the two ladies (Mrs. Capt Hunt and Mrs. Sergt. Davis) and we had a dance, and grand time generally, there was snow so we could "wax it" and all enjoyed it very much. I blowed Lieut Thompson up "right smart" for not calling on you, but his excuse was "he was so bashful" which is just excuse at all, and I told him you would be mad. About laying out the money to the best advantage, I do not think that is going to trouble us much, for they have promised to pay us off so many times, and then didnt that we have given up ever seeing the "pay master" again. I say it is to bad, to send us off into the field now with most six months pay honestly due, and not a red in our pockets. All I have got left is twenty five cents, with credit most used up. They do not serve us right. Well it is late tonight, so darling I will rest and see what bit news the morrow will bring forth. Good night my darling one. Oh! how I want to kiss you

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Monday afternoon three oclock.

My darling one-
I have got to close this letter now to go by this mail but will write again by next mail. The order for mooving has not come yet, but we are looking for it every moment. Last night we had a very heavy shower, and to day it is beautiful. we are all packed ready to go at a moments notice. Ed has not got around yet, but expect him soon. The boys are all feeling first rate at the prospect of mooving, for the "Turkeys" and chickens, are very scarce here now. My old Friend Trundle that I have told you off that gave us such good dinners, is not expected to live twenty four hours. I am sorry for he was a very nice old man. The people here are sorry to have us leave, if other troops are to take our place, for they all say we have used them well, and protected their property better than any other troops that have ever been here. My next letter will probably be from "Harpers Ferry" like enough Washington, cant tell, will know soon. Keep up good courage- all will be well. I am glad you write often, never change the address until I tell you.

I will send you Katies letter after I answer it, which will be soon is is just like the blessed little angle she is, I hope she will write me more such.

As ever William.