William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Head Quarters 10th Vt Camp Heintzelman Md. Sunday June 7th 1863My Darling one

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Yours of the 31st (last Sabbath eve) was all the letter I recd from you during the past week. I kinder thought I ought to have recd. just one more little one, but I suppose you did not feel very well, as you wrote me you was most down sick, which in the army is a good excuse. "Ferdie is going to get well" you say. I have felt so all the time - but you must take good care of your own health darling. We have not seen anything of the Rebs yet, but have been looking sharp for them for some days past, we do not get any news of them yet. The paymaster has just been up and paid off the Regt. again, but

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he done so well for me before that I did not have much coming this time, however I used him so well that he paid me for the month of May, and I have sent a package to father Beebe by Express of three hundred and fifty dollars but the outside is only marked two hundred I know that some at home are watching how much money I send home consequently it is necessary that you and Father keep your own counsel in this matter and let other people attend to their own business. I expect to send a hundred dollars more in a few days - take good care of it all for it will be “very handy to have in the house” after the war is over. Father will be enough for them. Mr. Dillingham wrote Ed that I had sent home a thousand dollars - which he thought was considerable money, and so it

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was - but you see I save my money and send it home. Always write me as soon as you receive any money so I may know it has got home safe, for I am anxious about it till I hear from it. I am doing well now. All is going on nicely as ever here now - no change - boys all well. Oh! you blessed wife, how I long to see you. Almost every night I dream of you and last night in particular, I had such a good dream - it is awful to live in this way. Oh! wont I be glad when I can have you here with me all the time - darling I really suffer every day for the want of a woman. I shall not stand it much longer. Give my love to all - tell father to buy all the “five twenties” he can get and lay them one side for a rainy day. We are all drying up out here for the want of rain - no news to write

As ever William
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Yesterday I went out with Col Jewett and the Provost Marshal hunting for goods the Rebs were trying to run over the river In under a big straw stack we found two big packing trunks full of the very nicest kind of ladies dress goods, ladies shoes and Broad Cloath, at least one thousand dollars worth of goods, all of which we took to head quarters and delivered to the Govt. It was quite an exciting adventure. The mans name that owns the place is Pleasant and he is under arrest and being tried at this time by Court Martial for “harbouring confed. officers” two having been found and taken prisoner last week at his house. The Court Martial will find a verdict to hang him and if “Uncle Abe” does not pardon him he will be hung. We have got another one on the same charge - a Mr. “Leonard” who was private Sect. to Pres. Buchannan, who will be tried next and I hope we shall get a chance to hang him too. We have got on their track here now, and they begin to look frightened. I expect to have something to write about now most every mail Tell me about Delias letters. And what luck you have moving – have not recd that journal yet. As ever