William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Head Quarters 10th Vt Camp on Maryland Height opposite Harpers Ferry Sunday June 28th 1863My Darling Mary Jane

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You see by the head of this letter that we have changed our 'base' slightly since I wrote you last. We received orders last Wednesday about noon to moove at once to Harpers Ferry. We packed up every thing and mooved that night to mouth of the Monacacy and camped. Mrs. Trundle and her daughters gave us that were acquainted (Capt Frost Dr. Rutherford and Chaplain Haynes) a good supper, a good bed, and a good breakfast, and when we left in the morning I took the liberty of kissing all the girls a "good by" and the old lady wished us good luck and made me a present of a bottle of whiskey. Now dont you think they were very good friends?

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Capt Damon left his wife there. Mrs Child and Capt Platts wife went to Washington and I think will go home for the present. We were very sorry to have to leave the vicinity of Poolsville for we had been there so long, we know all the people, and had some very good friends among them. They were sorry to have us go and another set come in. Thursday we marched to Petersville a little place near Berlin, and Friday morning we marched up here. We are camped a little over half way up the heights on the side of the river and about a thousand feet above Harpers Ferry which lays opposite us on the other side of the river, but as it seems it is right under us, for we look down upon the tops of all the Houses. This is one of the wildest places I have ever seen South and reminds us of Vt hills. These hights are about as high above the river, and rises and is about as steep as the mountain is, commencing at Lute Davis

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house and rising up to the house Lyman Woodward lives in- the last house you can see on that side of "Woodward hill" from the village. There are two military roads leading to the top, and we have got one of them to guard for the present. The one coming from the Ferry the other comes in from South Mountain way. There are two very strong Forts on the mountain, and several "100 pounders" quietly waiting like big watch dogs, for the rebels to come any where within four miles of them. The enemy have not been near Harpers Ferry, for these guns cover the hills and country on the other side completely. what a fool Genl Miles must have been to give up these heights and think he could hold Harpers Ferry. Now about the "rebs" they have crossed the main part of their Army above this place and are making a desperate push for Penn. but it is my opinion they will find out before long that the north is not a very healthy place for them in the

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summer months. Genl. Hooker was here yesterday but I did not see him, as he did not stop but a few minutes. He has gone on after them with the biggest part of his army. We are now under the command of "Genl. French" we had orders last night to be ready to march at six o'clock, but the order was counter- manded. I expect we will get orders again by tomorrow to be on the moove but like enough we may be left to guard this place for a while. The boys are all feeling first rate, and well, and ready to march when the order comes I am tip top also. I hope we will be left here for a while for it is so pleasant and cool, and the big guns over our heads give us confidence that we could make a good fight. Now darling keep up good courage if you should not hear from me very often, for I expect that the mail arrangements will be some what irregular for a while. I shall write you every opportunity, and you must keep writing just the same. All will yet be well-

As ever yours affectonatly William