William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Camp at Fredrick JunctionJuly 3rd 1863My Darling wife

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Mrs Damon leaves for home this afternoon and I have just time to say that we are all well and at present are guarding the R.R. bridge here but probably we shall not remain here long. There was quite a battle fought yesterday above us and as far as we have heard our Arms are successful- we expect a big battle is being fought to day. You will get all the battle news by the papers. it is now nearly two weeks since I heard from you we telegraphed this morning to Washington for it and I probably will get about four letters from you in the morning I hope so for I am getting anxious to hear from you once more

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All our boys are first rate. All the Vt troops have passed us but I did not see them. they will be in the “big fight”. it seems to be our luck to be left to guard some important post all the time. At present Col Jewett has got a brigade to command again, and I am in comd. of the Regt. we are under Maj Genl. French. Write me if you received my Harpers Ferry letter. The Army is in splendid condition and will make a most desperate fight to drive Lee South again. I do hope we may be successful- Mrs. Childe Mrs. Chandler, Mrs. Platt and Mrs. Damon are still going to leave camp to day for home- we are sorry to have them go but they will all be out again next winter when you are here.

As ever William