William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Head Quarters 10th Vt Camp in the field near Culpepper Va. Sept 23rd 1863My Darling wife

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I recd your very kind good letter of the 17th all correct. It was an awful good letter darling, but made me feel bad to hear you say " how you longed to see me and lay once more upon my arms, and rest your aching head upon my bosom" and know that I could not be with you for some time to come, when I want to do the same thing so bad. Oh! darling you can never realize how much I do want to see you at times, and how I long for you. I do so hope I can see you before long, for I shall

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spoil I am afraid if I do not. We have had eight days rations issued to the men and are expecting every moment to get the order to advance. We have just heard of the reverse in Tenn. and are all the more anxious to go ahead and do something from this way I heard yesterday that the "first" and “eleventh" Corps. were occupying Gordonsville- if this is true then the Rebels have given up the last strong hold this side of Richmond. If it is true then we may expect to be near Richmond soon for we are only three days march from there now if there was nothing in the way. I am very much pleased to learn Father had succeeded in getting a good flock of Sheep, for some how I have got

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the idea that it is going to be a good speculation. I am glad. I sent you by Exp yesterday "three hundred" more- and if he cannot keep any more Sheep, then buy "five twenties" for I consider that the next best speculation. I think last years work was good- dont you? If this one would only be as good and all of us spared to enjoy it, we should be rich for us.

I am in hopes to have some good war news to write you in a few days. The old Vt Brigade passed us yesterday looking finely. They had marched all the way from Alexandria. had a good visit with them. Our boys are all feeling first rate. my health is good as usual

As ever yours William