William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Head Quarters 10th Vt Camp in the field near Culpepper Va. Sept 27th 1863 My Dear good darling wife

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This has been a warm pleasant Sabbath day, and is a beautiful moonshiney evening. I have been at home most all day attending to visitors from the "Old Brigade" as they have gone into camp on our right, about a mile and a half off, and all have to go down to the village and see how that looks, and consequently they have to pass our camp, and most of the officers call up to see us a few minutes. There has been a stream of them here all day, and among the rest "Old blackhawk Hutchins" called to see "how I was getting along" So you see I have not had time to

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get very lonesome during the day but now in the quiet of my little tent with no one but the Chaplain, I get out your last kind warmhearted good letter and read it over again, and my thoughts turn back to the "Green hills" and I must confess I am sad. Oh! you blessed good wife, how I do want to see you. I must see you before long certain, for I cant stand it. It will make a coward of me soon if I do not I think Col Jewett is using me real mean to stay so long in Vt when he knows very well he is not going to get the first recruit for this Regt., and leave me here to do his work for him. It would be no use to attempt to get a leave of absence as long as he is away and I have the command of the Regt. He wrote me he would be back

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the last of last week but I begin to think he wont come back until he is ordered back from here. I will petition the Genl. to have him ordered back if he does not come this week for I am not going to stand it. From the signs of the times here now the Army of the Patomac will not make a fall Campaign but after a little do as I said some time ago, fall back and winter in the Vicinity of Washington. Two of the large "Army Corps" have allready gone back, but as they have turned over their transportation; we think they are going down the coast some where. One thing appears to me to be certain, that is the managers do not intend to take Richmond this fall or winter. It does seem as though things dragged terribly, and the country wasting

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their money and precious lives, by prolonging the war, when if they would only rise and put forth the strength of the Nation in one grand struggle, the war would be closed in four months. Well all my talk, and feeling bad over it will do no good, so we will make the best of it, and I think now that about the middle of Nov. will be as soon as I can reasonably expect to get away for twenty day, then if I can only be in good winter quarters somewhere and can fetch you back with me, and make it pleasant and comfortable for you we should enjoy it all the better from being separated so long, but it is hard to wait. Our boys are all well. Jack Hubbard I have not heard from since he went to the Hospital but suppose he is doing well. I sent you by Exp. a day or two ago "one hundred more” take good care of it.

As Ever William