William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Camp near Brandy Station Va. Jany 19th 1864My blessed darling wife

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I expect you will scold “a little” because you have been neglected so long, but guess you will take it all back when I tell you why I have not written for the last few days. I was sent on Picket on the 15th as Div. officer of the Day and was not relieved until last night. I had to go nine miles to the Picket line. I was so tired when I got in last night that I did not feel like writing, so put it off until to day. I hope my turn will not come very often, for I do not like to stay on quite so long. I got your first letter dated the 8th the day before I went out, and your next one dated 14th when I came in last night. I am so glad to hear you are getting well and that all is so much more

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pleasant for you than it was. I am sure I cannot see what in the world made Mother feel so towards you and me while I was there. Well I am glad if she now sees the error of her way and is good to you again. Tell my little pet Mollie that Papa is glad to hear that she has got her “little Shawl” home again and got it mended, that I have not had anything on my neck since, and have had no signs of a sore throat. Yesterday it rained all day and was cold, and I was out in all of it, and Johnny said “if that did not make me sick I must be pretty tough again”- This morning I am feeling tip top with the exception of a slight twinge of Rheumatism in my right shoulder. I am glad to hear also that you got the letter and check all correct from Washington. I was in big luck to get it so soon for the Regt. has not been paid off yet and it may be some

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time before the paymaster gets around. Col Jewett has heard nothing new from his papers yet. we expect Gov. Smith and the Vermont delegation in Congress to make us a visit during the present week and are making great preparations to receive them. if it is not to muddy we will have a grand review, but oh! it is awful muddy now.

Justin has not arrive here yet. it will go hard with him when he does come for he has made such a fool of himself. He went up to St Albans and got drunk and behaved very bad, and they have written to the boys in Co “I” about it, and they will prefer charges against him when he comes. Now darling wife you must not grieve for a year, because you was sick when I was home, for it will do no good in the first place and second “how could you or I help it?” I am glad, if you must be sick, that it was my privilege to be with you, although I did not do much towards taking care of you. We shall get paid for all our troubles some time.

As ever William