William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Head Quarters 10th VtApr 7th 1864Darling wife

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I have just got in of Pickett wet and cold – have been out in the worst storm we have had this winter – somehow it has stormed most all the time since you left and now the mud is awful. Your little note with Mothers good long letter came this evening and you know very well how glad I was to receive it, for several reasons In the first place it was the first word I have heard from home since you left (and some days before) And I was very glad to hear that the children and all were so well, and especially that Mother was in such good spirits, and felt so well about your “staying as long as you pleased...”. And secondly that you arrived home all safe and sound with money

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Overcoat, and baggage. Also that you saw Mr Parker and found him good natured – also Capt Dill. and Lieut Thompson both able to be in the street and “looking well” – this is all good for which I am very thankful. Col Jewett had a long letter from his wife this evening and she had a great story to tell about what a grand time you all had going home, and how she had been out “Horseback riding” “three times allready” and how well she was enjoying it. I guess you will not wait long after you get rested a little before you have a ride. I have had to wear a woolen rag on my throat all day for “sore throat” but it is better to night and I guess I shall take it of in the morning. but darling one how I did wish you was here to fix it, and fix me up and give me a little tea, and other good things. Johnny did as well

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as he could. I had a talk with Col Jewett this evening and he thinks now that he will not resign at present, but perhaps he will change his mind again in a few days Tell Mother I am ever so much obliged to her for her good long letter. And as soon as I get to feeling in good humor again I will answer it. There is no war news. The mud stops all “Army moves” at present.

All the boys as well as usual.

As ever yours William