William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Head Quarters 10th VtApril 29th 1864My Darling wife

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I recd your letter written last Sunday, to night, and it is the first one I have recd. for several days. I hear that all letters from the Army have been stoped in Washington for a few days, and will continue for a few days longer or until we move which I think will be about next Monday – so you need not be suprised if the letters should be a little old – you will get them all eventually when they will be just as good. I shall write every opportunity I have to send after we commence the march. I did receive your letter with the stamps, but must have forgot to write you about it. All goes on very quietly in

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the regiment since the Col left with the exception of a little breeze the Major tried to get up with some of the line officers, against Capt Frost, and in favor of Captain Dill. but I think I have taken measures to head them off. And if they do not look sharp I will have Capt Frost and Capt. Dill. to for I shall not stand much fooling. I wrote to Mr Dillingham about it. I will write you all about it as soon as I learn how it is.

I am detailed as “Div officer of the day” for tomorrow, (Saturday,) and shall come in Sunday when I will write you a good long “Sunday letter”

My blessed darling one
good night As ever William