William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Monday May 16th 1864My blessed one

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Still I can say all is well with me – and the “lucky old tenth”. We are laying this morning about two miles on the south easterly side of Spotsyl- vania, having changed our position day before yesterday, from the north westerly side. From all I can learn Lee is strongly posted in the vicinity and we expect to have a hard fight yet. I have not seen a newspaper since the 4th but I understand they have published all

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of our “big fights” for the last 12 days so you know all about them by this time. What I know about it is that it has been terribly awful. The old Vt Brigade stand the best of any Brigade in the Army. They have fought terribly, and have lost very heavy. We have had our usual luck – it has been on all sides of us, but so far we are spared. I have had three killed and twenty one wounded, but none that you know but Jo Young wounded in the ankle. Capt Steel is the only officer hit.

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He lost one toe. Aint we lucky? We are all feeling first rate, and believe we are whipping Lee bad, and that if successful for the next ten days all round, the war will virtually be over. Our Army has been handled splendidly, and all feel satisfied. The men are in the best of spirits. Cal Truax of the 14th Jersey is commanding our Brigade now. Genl Rickets the Div. we like him much. Genl Wright commands the 6th Corps – the 11th Vt came up yesterday and have been put in the “Vt Brigade”

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We expect the Gov. here to- day to make us a visit and I write this to send back by him when he goes. I have not had a letter since we commenced this campaign but I hear that one is coming up to day and I hope it is true for I want to hear from you all very much. I hope you are all well and keep up good courage during these “exciting times”. I am glad the Gov. is coming to make us a visit for it will do us good and perhaps he will bring our commissions with him. This is not written very well from the fact that I write it laying on my belly on the ground. Write often so I shall get lots of them when they do come

As ever William