William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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3rd Div Hospital June 24th 1864My Darling wife

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You see I am back in the Hospital again. I went out and took command of the 10th four days ago. night before last we made two grand charges throught the brush and the last one was after dark and I run into a brush heap and tore my stump of a finger all over again and now it is about as bad as ever. I come back to the Hospital last night and probably

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it will be ten days before I can take command again. My hand is not doing very well and I am most tired out. so are all. this marching and fighting all the time is enough to wear out iron men. It is awful hot and has not rained here for the last four weeks and it is awful dusty. Our Regiment has been quite lucky since we came down here. There has been awful hard fighting in some

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of the other Corps but we have not lost many. We hold the left of the line which rests on the Weldon R.R. which we tore up four miles of yesterday and we are about five miles south of Petersburgh. I hope we have not got to move very far during this hot weather. I am in hopes to write you most every day now if I can send them. Our boys all doing well.

As ever William