William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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On board Steamer “Daniel Webster”on the way to BaltimoreJuly 9th 1864My Darling wife

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You probably will be about as much astonished to see where this letter is dated, as we were yesterday morning. About three o’clock in the morning we received orders to be ready to march at once to “City Point” then take Steamer to Baltimore and I expect from there it will be cars to “Harpers Ferry” to look after Genl Ewell. If ever you saw a pleased set of boys it was us to get out of the Army of the Potomac once more for whatever we may find at Harpers Ferry we are satisfied it cannot be any worse than what we have been through and probably should have to

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continue to endure in front of Richmond. As nothing but our Div (the 3rd) is along we are in hopes that after we get Ewell drove back we shall be left to guard the R.R. or River somewhere above Washington which would be so much pleasanter than marching and fighting in the Army of the Potomac. We are on a big nice Steamboat Maj Dill and myself have got a good Stateroom and are enjoying ourselves highly. We expect to get to Baltimore this afternoon, and take the cars at once for Harpers Ferry unless we get different orders I will try to write you every day if I can get any chance to send letters. I have charge of the Boat which is loaded with my Regiment and the 106 N.Y.

As ever William