William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Head Quarters 10th VtCamp near Middleton Va. Oct 19th 1864My Blessed darling wife

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I have passed through another terrible battle and am safe and sound although I have four bullet holes through my clothes I am sorry to say that Capt Thompson in all probability is dead this time. He was shot this morning through the head with a rifle ball and a moment after we had to fall back and at

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the time he did not know anything and appeared to be dieing Lt Reed got his pocket book and watch. We expect to retake the ground this evening and I am in hopes to find the body and send it home, but it is no way certain. I cannot write his folks bout it yet but will as soon as

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I get time and find out more. The adjt is shot through the right leg. Lt Welch in the hear Lt Davis in the back besides some others slightly wounded. Will write more particular as soon as I get opportunity

As ever William