William Wirt Henry to Mary Jane Henry

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Head Qr 10th VtDec 6thMy Dear wife

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Here we are again safe and sound at “Park Station” about five miles below Petersburg, and almost on the very same ground we left last July. Our Corps is going into camp where the Fifth Corps are camped and they are going some where else, do not know yet where. I expect our Corps Head Qrs will get along tomorrow or next day when I can get a chance at last to be examined by Dr Hollman and shall then know my fate, wether I am to stay or go. My paper has passed Div Head Qr all right. I will let you know every day how I get along, for we can send a mail every day from here. I saw Ed Parker yesterday at City Point

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He is looking tip top, but I guess is a little lonesome. I learn Ed Henry is only a few miles from here as soon as I learn what I am to do, shall look him up. There is any amount of rumors in camp about what is going to be done here, but so far we learn nothing official. We are close by Genl. Meade’s Head Qrs, and Genl. Grant has just made him a visit and left again for City Point. I will write again tomorrow

As everWilliam