Bradford Sparrow to Parents and Brothers

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Letter No 26Brandy Station VaMar. 27th/64Dear Parents & Brothers;

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I rec'd your letter dated the 20th, 2 days ago & as today is sunday & I have not much to do I will answer it. I am well & tough & hearty. The weather has rather changeable this month, some pleasant days but cold winds seem to prevail, we had quite a fall of snow, about the 21st, 6 inches good, it afforded considerable sport & made some black eyse for we had 4 regular pitched battles, the snow is all gone now except on the hills

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you say a few patriotic men in E are approached to paying deapted men a counties. All I have to say is that I hope they will all be drafted. Nathan Grout thinks they wont get a vote to vetoe the bounty. I see that you have not kept an account of any thing only what you have paid out, but I have & that is where we differ, my boots wear well, but there has been so little snow & so much frozen ground that I have extra taps wore off about a month ago. I have had them taped & I think they will last until near fall, for I they use nails with large heads instead of pegs, they are nailed so that it is good as a pair of [], & they are not heavy

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The coast of tapping & putting an extra lift onto the heels was $1.25 The shoe maker belongs to Co. E. he works at his tred when in camp I have got plenty of clothing, you say that the postage on clothing is only 8 cts for 2 lbs, if any thing else, can come at the same rate I should like a cake of new sugar some time I should not care about more than that. Cousin Frannie I suppose has gone to here new home before this time, Jan said that she was to be married the 2dst & all the relation invited to attend, but I did not get the letter until the day after so I could not come of course. I am glad you have got where you can be contented for I believe Elmore

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never seemed like home to you. I know it didn't to me any way. Eddie you say has been down to see Dell & no doubt Irvin is beeding sweet seabs on his face tipping over the wash dish or something of this sot. I presume Hiram & the colt are great friends while Curtis is inventing mischeif for Aunt Daphne & Harriet. What Albert is doing is beyond my comprehension he has so my invitation to Weddings & for parties. Well go in the [] will soon be over I [] for Gen. Grant is a wise man & he has the confidence of the army, Ira is about to [] has not been sent off yet. [] close now.

TrulyB.P. Sparrow