Edward P. Stone to Family

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In my tent, Thursday evening
March 19, 1863Dear Home,

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Father’s let- ter with account is re- ceived. Thank you. Dr. Chandler is go- ing home in the morning and will take this for me. I have been riding today with uncle Levi Parsons and the other Levites - all well.

Col. Tuttle has re- signed and got his resignation accepted. So Col. Barney – a praying man is now our commander.

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Our soldiers were never so healthy as now – nor our army so strong in all aspects. Our major drew up some very strong resolutions endorsing the course of the Admin- istration, rebuking trait- ors at home &c and all the officers but one Lieut. (not a Vermonter) signed it and the men voted for them almost unanimous ly. I am very well and my prospects for usefulness seem greatly improved, for which the Lord be praised.

Love to allEdward