Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Camp Griffin Va.Sunday Nov 17th 1861My Dear Sister –

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I recd your & mothers letters to night saying you had sent the box. I have not recd it yet. Boxes are generally from 4 days to a week or ten days coming. Bates, of W. Windsor had a box start last wednesday, the same day mine did. The paper containing two cigars from Downer came to night. Thank him for them it seemed good to smoke them & think that a day or two ago they were in Downers barn. Thank Baldwin & Mrs P. Whites folks, John K. &c for the things they sent. When I receive the box I can write more particulars. I did not know that I left so many good friends behind before. I shall not forget them. Dont send another box at present, not until I have recd this and found out where we are going to be. We are not paid yet, but we want our pay badly. There is not 1 cent in money in my tent of 14 men & the same is the case with almost every cent in the Co. I got out of money awhile ago & borrowed $2.50, but borrowing is out of the case now. I have a few postage stamps left. Some of the boys have said in

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their letters that they could not write again until they were paid unless some P.O. stamps were sent them so have got them in that way. I think from what we hear we shall get our pay this week. I think I wrote you that Fairbrother from our Co. had died. The next day Corp. Pierce died making 3 that our Co have lost. We have no more cases of fever in the Co now. Pierce father came here for his body and took it home. – I recd some papers from Geo. to night. I shall write you as soon as I get the box. I am perfectly well. Our great review is to come off Teusday (day after tomorrow)

Good bye
Your Aff. brother J.

That pencil came handy