Joseph Spafford to Homer White

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Homer White
678 6th Avenue(Care of H. H. Thomas)New York


Carver HospitalMeridian HillWashington D.C.Apr 29thMy Dear Homer

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I will write you a line to day tho’ if nothing happens I hope to see you within two weeks.

I have been in the hospital two months, was at Mansion House Hos. Alexandria until about a week ago, when I came here. – I have wished many times to write you & hear from you, since I have been laying around the hospitals but when the Army moved from Camp Griffin, I lost your address as I had it written on a box that the Capt & I used for a book case, & when

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I left there I did not think to copy it. I wrote to Jane to get it of your folks & send it to me, & yesterday I recd it from her. –

I shall without doubt receive my papers so that I shall pass through N.Y. sometime next week. – If I can find you I would like to stop with you over one day, if I cannot I shall push for Vt as soon as possible.

I hope I may see you for I do not know when I shall again. You had better make up your mind to go to Vt with me when I come along. –

I see by the list of killed & wounded of the Vt 4th that Capt

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Atherton is severly wounded in the groin. –

I am going to receive my discharge & I assure you I need it bad enough. I will write no particulars as I hope to see you.

Please write me immediately on recpt of this & tell me where I may find you.

As Ever Your
Sincere Friend Joseph Spafford

P.S. Do not mention to any one that I am going home I do not with the people of G. to know it until I arrive there.

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