Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Camp at Bristoe Station May 30th 1863 Dear Sister,

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I have but a few lines to write to day as I wrote day before yesterday & there is nothing in particular for news since. There is a Lieut, or rather, a fellow that was Lieut in the 8th Vt. works for our Suttler & I asked him this morning if there was a Capt Craigue in that Regt He said there was, that he was Capt of Co. G. so there is no probarbility of the Capt Craigue you (or mother ) spoke of being Nels Craigue. I recd your letter of last sunday to day. I sent you a piece of music this morning entitled, “Grafted into the Army”, I think it funny, very funny, i.e., the music, not the being Grafted in &c.

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The “cursed” rebs fired into the first train that went up this road this morning, just beyond Kettle Run bridge (they fired with artillery, probarbly the same I spoke of as our scouts running across, at White Plains in my last letter) The first shell disabling the engine, after which they burned the train. (12 cars loaded with forage for the Cav.) Our Cav. are in pursuit of them but I’ll warrant you they will will manage to slip them some way or rather, they are schemers,

I think your photograph very good, but I like the one I had before better, & the one I had before of mother, is ever so much the best.

I beleive we (the 16th) are to remain out here on the road two weeks.

I will write no more this time. Love to all.

As ever
Your Aff. Brother Joseph Spafford