Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Head Qrs, 16th Vt Infty Camp at Fairfax Station Va March 9th, 1863

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Suppose you have heard that we have had our Genl stolen. He was taken Sunday night straight out of bed. It was the best raid of all, & about such as I have been expecting. There was nothing in the way of it. The Brigade is all down here 3 miles from his quarters and no troops there at all, & the picket line in places very imperfect so that it was a distinct irritation for them to come in, & they seldom refuse such. Every man feels dreadfully about it. They are afraid that we may be blamed by those that dont know how we are sit- uated. Col. Blunt has the command again now, which of course is a little gauling to me. Yet Blunt is a very good fellow & officer. We have stormy weather about all the time. It snows to-day. It is a regular N. Hamp. Election day

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Wish I were in N.H to-day, not on account of the election however. Dont think my love that it would be so pleasant to muster you out as in. I shall be at home in season for the latter again. Shall you be ready for a reenlistment? How are all the folks at home? How does Mother feel, now a days? How is Lutes courtship & Alfred’s. Is he going to get married soon? And above all how is my own little wife? I should like to spend a day with you. Reckon I might as well have been with you all the while if it is going to rain for the 9 months. Our time half out. I shall be completely out of this service when this regt is through, & without the hope of getting back again, except as a private. Can I come as such? It is has been quite a long time since I have heard from you. Guess you & the other twin are flirting are’nt you. Do you love your own husband tonight? I have splendid dreams about you. will write again soon.

Yr own husband Wheelock.