Daniel S. White to Maria E. Howe

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ShorehamAdison CoVtMiss Melissa Barton


Bush Hill CampAug 3rdFriend Marie

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I recd your letter yesterday and was very much pleased to hear from you that you were well and in the enjoyment of of one of heavens richest gifts. I went yesterday to witness one of the most painful sights it has been my lot to witness since my enlistment if ever. A young man of about 24 years of pleasing address “hung by the neck until he was dead” He belonged to the 2d N. H. Regiment His crime was killing a woman in Alexandria

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The crime of killing a poor innocent woman although the wife of a rebel should not go unpunished. I could witness such an execution without the least compunction could you not Marie? The Corporal was along and when he dropt the corpl say well “I do not wish to see any more” and looking into his face he was white as a sheet he said his heart was all of a flutter and said that he could go in a battle field but could not stand that. Our whole brigade was present to witness the execution and others beside some 20,000 soldiers in all. Did you ever witness

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the execution of a man Marie? We recd the box which the very kind and Patriotic ladies of Ludlow furnished for our comfort and the contents we deal sparingly out at each meal and merrier looking set of faces you never saw than among our men when they see the kindness of brothers and sisters at home that although distance divides them the same feelings of sympathy exists for their welfare which was always exercised them from infancy The cooks are preparing breakfast for us and what do you think we are going to have for breakfast

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we are to have fried pork bread and coffee Will you not come and take breakfast with us if you will come you shall have a bit out of the box The Rebels are within 8 miles of us and we are making preparations for a warm reception at any time by falling trees across the road thereby stopping their progress and possibly make them attack us as we wish them to I went over to see the Vt. Third the other day all as well as usual stayed in Washington at the National where I saw W. B. Hatch & Chase from Vt. Corpl sends his regards to all who enquire after him Please excuse bad writing as I have no place fit to write write soon Give my regards to your father and mother and all who may after me Yours in Haste Breakfast is ready goodbye

Yours TrulyD S White

Corpl says he’ll write you today or tomorrow