Henry Harrison Wilder to Mother

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Prospect HillOct th12, 1861Mother

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I received youre letter last night, and it was received with a greate deal of pleasure, and I hope that the letters that I write are received with pleasure, and I hope that those that received letters from me will answer them. I have writen to you 4 or 5 times and have had but two letters from you. perhaps you have not got them, it you have not it will make a greate differance with my feelings, for I began to think that I was forgoten by those that I love. Marrion has not writen to me yet. I wrote to her yesterday for the last time untill she writes to me

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I have not had a letter since we came to Washington untill last night when I got yours. I am wiling to write evry week if I receive answers from them, it is usless to ask you about the People you having writen how they was, as for the Boys in this Reg they are all very well and enjoy themselves first rate. Thare is some of the Boys are a little Home sick, but not thare is not mutch chance for being Home sick, than is so mutch going on. we have advanced on the Rebels since Monday, we are at a plase call Prospect Hill. it is a very pleasant plase. thare was some fiting don a short distance from this plase day before yesterday, and the Rebels refreted back. this Hill was ocupied by the Rebels the first of this week. we are driving them back every day.

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thare has ben a hard battle at Hatteras Inlet and the Rebels was whiped badly, besides loosing a greate number of men that was killed and wounded, we have a greate many reports but this is from the mouth of Genrall Skot he was at Camp Advance last week and told the troops that stationed thare, that they would be at Home to Cristmas Supper, thats what he said, we know not but it is the opinion of evry body that it wont last more than 6 months. the Southeners are in a very poor condition to fight, thay are very poorly cloathed and they do not have enough to eat. this is known to be a fact for there is two Boys

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at Camp Advance, that was taken prisners at that Battle of Bo Run, they have ben at Ritchmon ever since they were taken Relesed they bothe have thar right armes shot off, you asked about the living, it is not [           ] sutch as I like but then we can live on it, and some of the Boys are agroing fat on it. I have gained eight pounds since we came to Washington. I go out a chopin evry day most with the Boys thare is lots of chestnuts here.

please write as soon as you get this so good by

from your ever afectionate
Sun H. H. Wilder