Henry Harrison Wilder to Mother

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Camp GriffinOct th20My Dear Mother

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I take this opertunity to write to you and inform you that I am sick and have ben sick for a week but then dont be alarmed about me for Doctor Russel is here now and he says that I shall get along now I had some fun about myself concerning my lungs but the Doctor examined them this morning and he said that they was not deseased but he said that the drill was to harde for me and that I could not cary a napsack and he said that my constitution was sutch that that the work that I have

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to do is what makes me sick and he also tolde me that I must stop this kinde of work he is a going to have to talk with Capen Stowell and he tolde me that he would get me a plase in the Hospitale and he said that he would doctor me and take good care of me and I get beter pay at the hospitale Mr [    ] got into Camp yesterday he gave me the box that you sente and it was received in the right time for my apetite was poor and that cheese and those pickles gave me a very good apetite the socks I did not need but then I can keepe them in my napsack untill needed was that chease some of youre make the Boys praised

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it very hiley how do you do and Father and Horty I hope that you are all well how is Miss Packard now and all the people in Weybridge Wessill is rather unwell to day but it is nothing that will hurt him. Fenton is out on picket garde to day thar was a Cavelry man shot by the Rebels to day he is the only man that has ben shot since we have ben hare was one or two hurt by falling trees thare is one man in the second Reg that was found asleepe on his poste last night and he is expected to be shot for the ofence please write as son as you can

From Your affectionate SunH. H. Wilder