[Henry Harrison Wilder] to Mother

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Camp GriffinDec th 11. /61Dear Mother

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I have just read youre letter of the 6th and seat myself to answer it I am well Mother about the pigs wall you see the Regt went out a scouting and Capen Stowells Company was sent out in advance of the Regt as skermishes when the Comp got in advance of the Regt a bout a mile thare was 20 of the Company stoped and the rest of them went on as skermishes wall this 20 had to stay on this reserve the all day the Captain was with us thare was some hogs in a pen and the Capen

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in the afternoon sayed to the byoysboys says he why in the devel dont you goe and get some of them hogs on that the boys went and got two of them I did not help get them althou I helped cary them into Camp as for the boys being put into the gard house it is all false and Sagant was not put into the ranks for that for the Capen was truly to blame the Capt is not liked very mutch he is very [       ] and overbaring he has gon home now and we hope to have a good time for a while Lieut Hamilton is a very good man and is liked by the Company how is Georg McCue now and all of the people send

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me one of my old vests and pad it very hevy my coat is very bare and I want somthing to fill it out we got ready to goe on a scout to dysday but it commenced to rain and we did not goe, we goe often about once a week the last time we went out thare was 30,000 thousand Merrill Walter H and Sevry are all well Merrill has got some bites on his back whitch bother him som nothing more at this time give my best respects to all that eneuire after me

good by from your ever true SonH. H. Wilder

P.S. do not borow any trouble a bout the reports that you heer for thare is a great many that like to make trouble at home