Henry Harrison Wilder to Mother

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Camp before York Town VaApril 28th /62Dear Mother

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Yours of the 20th come to [     ] in due season it found me as normal with the exception of a hard cold and for that reason am not with the Regt witch is out supporting a Battery to day than is nothing unusual going on but evry thing indicates that at no far distant day there will be something done for evry day shows now [      ] works rifle first and evry thing that will help to [      ] in our favor the battle that is before us yesterday when laying in my tent who should I see but D. B. Wortelly he is the same man he belongs to a land in our of the N.Y. Regt and that makes me think two ofisers from the 92th Reg deserted a short time agoe and went into the Rebel Army one a Colonel the other Wager show [           ] to be worse than Rebels desiring to die the death of a traitor they have to be below the savage to be worse than those they have gon to join perhaps you may think I am going rather to [    ] you may be the Judge thre or four days ago the Main 7th was a picket which some of there was on [     ] the Rebels atacked them and

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and wounded one in the [    ] the rest fel back and when this poor men got up on one broken leg and one sound on [   ] you might say they fired a [      ] it him & ten ounce balls pased through his body and then the snecking cowards run this is a peculiar trait of there killing some [       ] man & the sneak of as hand of than courdise Merrill was coming to write home this after noon but has gon with the Company he wished me to say to yo that he would be very mutch obliged to you if you would say to his Parents that he is well he sends you his best Respects Mother, I have never said any thing about what I wanted [   ] with what little money I call my own if I never should want it [    ] if I want you should have it and do as you like with it

I send in this some little blosoms that I pricked yesterday I would write more but want to write some in this to L & M so good by write often if you do not hear from me

give me respect to Mr Coggans and family and to all that enquire

H H Wilder