[Frankie?] to Mother

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Death of H H Wilder

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Oh! Mother! dear Mother I long to see Thy pale sad face, oh memory.

Canst Chon not paint for me.

That which I so long to see?

Where but in mine early years I thought To flight my happiness nothing could be brought Oh Mother am I in your thoughts to day As I lay on the battlefield far away?

Dear Mother I would that thou wert near.

Thy Harrisons dying words to hear.

Mother and Sister dear thou art, Bound by strong ties to my heart, I have loved you well as one can love Except the eternal love from above, for a few short moments I shall be gone My friends are not here no not one.

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I shall see this faces on earth no more The suns hot rays on my grave will pour[    ]When the violets again peep from the beds To welcome my friends shall I be seen? I see the green trees, they gracefully wave Ere they bloom again, the grass will be my grave green on The home soon shall I go.

And bid adieu to all below.

I soon shall be gone

Farewell dear friendds. I'm going home.

Grandma is the chamber all alone, Where once slept thy son, thine own? He was all the world to thee But his gone and his face no more we see