Martha to Amanda Hayward

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Mrs Amanda Hayward
care of Hon. D. Hayward


GenevaAug't 16th /.62My very dear Cousin

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I have this hour heard of your greate - bereavement in the death of dear Harrison. What an hour of agony, when the tidings of death first fell upon your hearth. How I would like to seat myself by your side and learn all and talk with you, but I must be content with writing, for the privilege of seeing you is not mine. We know the utter feebleness of wards to console. Sad alone

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can comfort, and sustem, I know not what to say, for language is inadequate, no words can reach the deepths of afflictions, the hearts alone, who are in the deep waters, and its maker can know how deep the iron enters, and yet I cannot be denyed the privilege of expressing my warmest heart - felt sympathy for you, and dear Marrion in hour of deep grief.

He was so young, - so loved - we remember his affectionate, and kind disparition which rendered him so dear to Mother and Sister and made him beloved by friends. dear cousin do not think it all dark, although we cannot see why it is thus aggrevating in its circumstances let us leave it in the hand of

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[   ] Father who will bring light out of darkness. we pray God that you may be sustained in this heavy trial, by reliance upon Him who doeth all things well - and the prommis is to you - "Shall work out far more exceeding and [      ] weight of glory,

My dear Mother joines me in offering our condolence in this hour of grief -

When you can do write to us give much love to Marrion and husband, all the dear friends, how is you husband health? my respects to him, and I remain yours in love and sympathy

Cousin Martha